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Machine Learning & Essential, Actionable Insights For The Publishing Industry

Machine Learning & Essential, Actionable Insights for the Publishing Industry

AUTHORS CEO Monica Landers on the tech firm's advanced algorithm that helps publishers, agents, and studios identify value and strategic acquisitions.

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Who Does It Better,  Humans Or Machines?

Who Does it Better, Humans or Machines?

We tackle the question and take an in-depth look at the possibilities that artificial intelligence and machine learning create for the publishing and entertainment industries.

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Direct Matching Added To Submission Platform

Direct Matching Added to Submission Platform

On September 15, AUTHORS released Matching, its most transformative update to its submissions platform since launching last year. The update shows writers who among the participating agents and publishers their work matches.

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Sentiment Analysis & Book Publishing

Sentiment Analysis & Book Publishing

What is sentiment analysis and how can it affect the publishing industry? We take a look at some recent studies our engineers undertook.

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