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Streamline your acquisitions process
  • Easier to use than email
  • Filters and sorting tools for manageability
  • Quick access to information
  • Standardized to eliminate confusion
  • Perfect for teams of 1 to 100

Information in a Snap

It begins with a snapshot in your personal workspace. It ends with your team fully informed and in sync.

Adaptive tools enable you to work collaboratively, creatively, and develop truly outstanding titles.

Editorial Innovation

Intelligent Data-Driven Editorial Analysis powers the beta quality filter. Determine what quality of work lands in your active workspace using machine learning.

Submission Filters

Take control of your submissions with filters across genre, author platform, technical specifications, and more.

Workflows & Pipelines

Work through each submission efficiently, accurately, and collaboratively with customized workflow tools. Email automation, distinct status updates, averaged ratings, and unique project history.

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