IBPA on AUTHORS.me: ‘Finding Real Creativity with Artificial Intelligence’

AUTHORS.me is a technology platform that uses data from bestselling books to evaluate content and connect writers with publishers.

If you’re like me, when you hear the phrase “intelligent machine learning,” you feel the opposite of intelligent. Maybe you picture a robot, but then you move on. It’s definitely not a traditional publishing term. So when I heard about AUTHORS.me, a platform created to modernize the acquisition process in the publishing industry through the use of intelligent machine learning, I thought: “OK, what is it? And, more importantly, does it work?”

Creating a Baseline

Intelligent machine learning is when a computer learns without being explicitly programmed. You might remember Watson, the computer that defeated two human contestants on Jeopardy!Watson was an example of machine learning. Instead of responding to 1980s baseball trivia in the form of a question, AUTHORS.me uses machine learning to parse out insights in creative work in order to identify the appeal of that work.

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Disruptor Daily: How AI Can Invigorate Publishing

by Monica Landers, CEO Authors, Inc. Disrupt Daily  August 10, 2017

So many books, movies, TV series, and multimedia adaptations published by so many studios, publishing houses, and individuals: there have never been so many stories to tell. The pipeline is full; inboxes are overflowing. And audiences are clamoring for … well, what are they, in fact, clamoring for? That’s what publishers and studios need to know … more

Book Business Magazine: Nimble & Efficient: How LSC Communications Is Modernizing the Book Industry Supply Chain

Book Business Magazine  Aug 9, 2017

There will never be a day when the words on the pages of a book aren’t the most important part of a book publisher’s work. Yet due to the ubiquity of content and high competition for consumer attention, today more than ever publishers need to be savvy about how they get their books into the hands of consumers and the technology that supports these efforts. To keep pace in an age of accelerated commerce, … more

Authors, Inc. Closes Equity Funding to Deliver StoryFIt(TM) Technology, the New Standard in AI Media Analytics

Growth Through Investment, Resale Partnership, Data Science Hires, and Board Additions

August 2, 2017 | Austin, TX — AI startup Authors, Inc. has raised financing from LSC Communications. Authors, Inc. and its StoryFitTM technology combine machine learning and natural language processing with sales performance and text-driven marketing insights to increase per-property revenue for the publishing and movie industries.

LSC Communications joins Techstars and local angel groups in their investment in the Austin-based media tech startup that will use the new funds to continue its machine learning model development and dynamically expand its business.

“We are thrilled to have the new backing of LSC Communications, whose investment in Authors, Inc. demonstrates their market leadership in delivering cutting edge technology solutions to the publishing industry,” said Monica Landers, CEO of Authors, Inc.

“In our continued journey to invest in new technologies, we are thrilled to be making an investment in Authors, Inc.” said Thomas J. Quinlan III, Chairman and CEO of LSC Communications. “Machine learning and AI are positively impacting many industries and we are excited about these new products and solutions we are bringing to publishers.”

In addition to LSC Communication’s investment in Authors, Inc., the companies have collaborated on a business level to directly integrate Authors, Inc. technology into LSC’s existing digital distribution platform and bring new services to market for their publishing clients.

Authors, Inc., also adds two new members to its board of directors: Bob Nelson, EVP, Publisher Services at LSC Communications, and Gordon Daugherty, Managing Director at Capital Factory.

“Authors’ StoryFitTM  products perfectly complement LSC’s legacy publisher offerings and come at a pivotal time in the industry,” said Nelson, who supports LSC Communications’ strategic efforts to expand and diversify the multi-billion dollar company’s product offering through acquisition and development of technological innovation. Nelson’s experience includes machine learning company CognitiveScale, and publisher service companies LSC and Baker and Taylor.

“Having worked with the Authors Inc., team for the past two years since joining the Capital Factory accelerator, I am excited to be involved in this next phase of growth,” said Daugherty, who has been advising startups for more than 15 years and is a Managing Director for Austin’s entrepreneurial center of gravity, Capital Factory. “Artificial intelligence will dramatically revolutionize most industries and Authors, Inc., is well poised to be the leader in AI innovation for the entertainment industries.”LSC investment spurs Authors, Inc., data science development with new hires Grace Lin, Lead Data Scientist, PhD and Mark Bessen, Director of Product/Data Scientist

Two top data scientists have joined the powerhouse media and technology team to grow the StoryFitTM  technology: Grace Lin, PhD, a former NASA data scientist whose dissertation explored building predictive algorithms from scripts using NLP; and Mark Bessen, former data scientist at Apple who worked on iBooks and iTunes Movies & TV.

“As a company, we’re passionate about merging art and technology to champion great story-telling. It’s an incredible time to be in AI with a great team, great partners, and secure funding for growth,” said Landers.



About Authors, Inc.

Authors, Inc. is an Austin-based technology company that brings innovative technology to the publishing and film industries through artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP). Their StoryFitTM technology delivers contextualized data directly from the text that supports editorial, marketing, and sales efforts with audience psychographics, story-arc comparative data, and audience accessibility statistics.

Media contact:
Christen Thompson
Director of Business Development
(843) 509-4648


About LSC Communications, Inc.

With a rich history of industry experience, innovative solutions and service reliability, LSC Communications (NYSE: LKSD) is a global leader in print and digital media solutions. The company’s traditional and digital print-related services and office products serve the needs of publishers, merchandisers and retailers around the world. With advanced technology and a consultative approach, LSC’s supply chain solutions meet the needs of each business by getting their content into the right hands as efficiently as possible.

Media Contact:
Janet Halpin, Senior Vice President, Treasurer & Investor Relations
(773) 272-9275

Capital Factory

Capital Factory is the center of gravity for entrepreneurs in Austin, the number one startup city in the U.S. Last year more than 90,000 entrepreneurs, programmers and designers gathered day and night, in-person and online for meet-ups, classes and co-working. We meet the best entrepreneurs in Austin and introduce them to their first investors, employees, mentors and customers. According to Pitchbook, Capital Factory has been the most active investor in Texas since 2013.

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Austin Business Journal: Austin AI startup thinks it can predict the next bestseller — with backing from Chicago print media giant

by Austin Business Journal  July 25, 2017
An Austin artificial intelligence company says it has an algorithm that can pinpoint the next bestseller. Now it’s partnering with an industry giant to get that technology into the hands of publishers across the nation. In an exclusive interview with ABJ, a company co-founder explains how the deal came together.… more


July 24, 2017

This collaboration creates new solutions and products using machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive discoverability and deliver actionable insights for the Publishing Industry

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– LSC Communications, Inc. (NYSE: LKSD), a leader in print and digital media solutions, announced today an equity investment and the signing of a definitive reseller agreement with Authors, Inc., an Austin, Texas based developer of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications for the Publishing Industry.

Poseiden’s Scribe: Best-Seller Foreteller?

by Poseiden’s Scribe  July 2, 2017
What if a soothsayer could tell you if your manuscript would become a best-seller? If you were a publisher, you’d hire that soothsayer, right?

Throughout the history of the publishing industry, editors and publishers had to make buy-or-reject decisions based on experience and gut feel.

Welcome to the Age of Big Data… more