AUTHORS Frequently Asked Questions: Signing Up, Getting Started & More

Hello! We’re so glad you found your way here and we want to congratulate you on taking active steps towards getting your book out there. Hoorah!

We understand that with any undertaking, there are going to be some questions you need answers to before you can commit. SO, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and their answers. A lot of these questions are really only going to make sense once you sign up and get inside the application, but hopefully, this will help give you a lay of the land. If anything you are curious about isn’t answered here or in the related articles at the bottom of the post, please let us know!

Getting Started

Nothing! It’s free to use for writers!

Once a project is complete (all the required fields are answered), you click on the Submit link. This will open a page with all the agents and publishers you are directly connected to and those who match your work. One or more boxes will contain a publisher. Click submit for each one to whom you want to deliver your submission. Each submit link will open a short form to confirm the deliver. If you receive a message, “You do not match any of the current agents or publishers at this time” we suggest you come back later to see if additional ones have been added to submit your work to.

How  to Submit

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Getting Started


Lots! And it’s growing all the time. Check here for a full list. 

We match each submission to the publishers and agents on our platform using key criteria provided by you and by the publisher or agent. If you are not presented with a specific publisher/agent as an option, or if you are told you cannot submit to someone you have before, it is because the project in question is not one they have selected to accept on our platform. These criteria are based on objective categories from genre and age range to representation and word count.

Even if their website says they accept a certain type of project and you feel your project fits in that description, that does not mean they want to receive those projects on That being said, if you do feel this is happening in error, please reach out to and we will double check.


We are very serious about protecting your work and identity. We use encryption to protect your materials and keep it private. Your work  is only viewed by known agents and publishers who have an account with AUTHORS, and we vet each company that applies for an account to ensure they are reputable businesses. We keep track of who views and downloads your material from our user base.

No. Only agents and publishers who have been approved by AUTHORS and pay for a subscription to the service can see your Query.  This happens in two ways: 1. You submit directly to an agent or publisher, or 2. A publisher/agent subscribes to search the database of submissions.

We do not make your query pages accessible to search engines in order to retain your privacy and give you maximum control on who can view your work.

Our policy at present is for writers to manage content for which they hold copyrights. There are different types of copyrights, beginning with Common Law Copyrights that protect most manuscripts. For more information read this article.

Project Nuts and Bolts

Traditionally, a query is a letter or an email a writer sends to an agent or publisher to request a review of their work for publishing consideration. Oftentimes, the publisher and/or agent will expect an outline of the author’s platform, marketing plan, and audience. At AUTHORS, a query is the combination of a book proposal and a writer’s profile stitched together into a two-page digital representation of the writer and their work. to see the query an agent or publisher receives.

At AUTHORS, a ‘Project’ represents your manuscript, book proposal or collection of poetry. It includes the general overview (i.e., hook & synopsis), its status, targets, classification, genre(s), word count, and other information important to agents and publishers.

It’s easy. Click “New Project” on the Projects Page and begin filling out the information in the three forms. All entries are saved instantly, so there is no need to hit a save button as you work. Select “Preview” at any time to see what you are building as you go. Here is a sample.

How many books can you write? In other words, you can build an unlimited number of projects. We’re game if you are.

Great question. This is why can be very helpful. We use all the data provided by you and the agents and publishers and apply intelligent matching algorithms to connect you with the right agent or publisher. When your work matches their criteria, we put them in your submit queue for each project. It is recommended you research agents and publishers and the type of work they prefer. Once you understand them to be a good fit, include your reasoning in the Submit Query Form question. “Why am I a good fit?”

Agents and publishers respond at different rates, so it is hard to predict. We normally advise writers that it can take 6 weeks or more. You can check your Tracking Page to see what activity has happened with each submission. Patience is a virtue, especially in publishing.

No. AUTHORS is designed to build a project once and submit it to many.

Yes, but we do not recommend this. Since the query is a combination of a project and a profile, you would have to create a different version of the project to get a different query. Although this is doable, it may create confusion of who is viewing what version of a project.

Yes. Whenever you edit your profile or a specific project, the submission is automatically updated. The recipient of that query instantly can see the changes you have made. NOTE: Once you make changes, previous versions are no longer available.

Yes– or at least sample. No, the document does not have to be a manuscript. It can be a 3-Chapter Sample, an Outline, a Book Proposal, or an Illustration to qualify.

Only you can answer that, but it’s VERY important to ask yourself that question! Agents and publishers want to know what the book is, and they want to know it with specificity. Check out our explanation of genres and why they’re important here

Tracking Your Projects

You will receive an email as soon as your query is delivered to the agent or publisher. You will also see this activity recorded on your Activity Page.

Your Activity Page tracks all the activity of your query, including when agents and publishers view your project.

No. It is standard in the industry to keep a little distance between the agent/publisher and the writer. That said, AUTHORS does make it possible to see what activity is happening with your query as it is reviewed by the agent or publisher.

You will receive a direct email from the publisher if this were to occur. You will also receive notification of this event in your Activity feed on your Activity Page. Lament not. Keep trying!

Yes! You have complete control over whether or not agents and publishers can find you on AUTHORS. All projects, once completed, are automatically eligible to be matched. You can, however, opt out of this and opt in when you are ready.

No. Withdrawing just removes that project from the specific submission. However, you cannot re-submit the same submission to the same agent or publisher. Deleting a project is an altogether different action. See: How do I delete a Project? in the Project FAQs.


This goes back to what is a ‘good fit’ and why’s matching saves writers, agents and publishers a lot of time. Submitting to everyone would result in a lot of mis-matches.

There are required fields in building a project. Those fields have an asterisk to indicate you must complete them. If you click the drop-down arrow next to ‘Not Complete’ in your project window, it will display what you have yet to complete and link you directly to that field. The ‘incomplete’ list can be seen in your forms as well.

You delete a Project by clicking the Delete in your Project’s window. You will be asked to confirm the request, as this is a permanent removal of data. If the project has been submitted to an agent or publisher, you will not be allowed to delete it. You would need to Withdraw the Project first on your Activity Page. Once withdrawn, you will be able to delete it.

The text fields in your project forms allow for pasting text. Example: You can copy and paste a synopsis of your book from a word document right into the field.


Only if you want to. As you fill out the form, our answers are instantly saved.

  Your AUTHORS account displays only one name. That name can be changed by selecting Settings in your main menu. Please note that any name change is reflected on all present and past queries.

Image files: jpeg; gif; png

  • Profile pictures and cover images cannot exceed 1 MB. An optimum size file is 200×200 pixels or a similar ratio.
  • Illustrations files can be up to 25 MB in size.

Manuscript Files: .pdf, .doc or .docx.)

  • We recommend the manuscript not exceed 25 MBs.
  • Because your sample word documents will be converted for agents and publishers to view on an eReader, we highly recommend you upload .docx files.

To withdraw a submission from a specific agent or publisher, please go to the Activity page. There you will see a list of all agents and publishers and the queries they have received. Simply click Withdraw across from the project under the name of the agent or publisher.

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