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Christen Thompson Joins to Run Marketing, Expand Author Outreach and Account Development

AUSTIN, TEXAS May 1, 2016 – AUTHORS, Inc. is pleased to announce its recent hire of Christen Thompson, who joins as the Marketing Director of AUTHORS. Christen has been an advisor to the company since March of 2015, and will now be working to expand both author outreach and development as well as continued brand and editorial development.

“Christen is the perfect blend of publishing expertise and entrepreneurial drive,” said AUTHORS CEO Monica Landers. “And to top it all off– she’s been with us as an advisor since early days of the company, so she understand both the big vision and all the iterations it’s taken to get us here.”  

Christen comes to AUTHORS with experience in both acquisitions and as a bookseller. She worked as a Senior Acquisitions Editor with The History Press and Arcadia Publishing, acquiring and ushering through publication over 100 books; some of which have been featured in USA Today, Southern Living, the Huffington Post, American Library Journal, Austin Chronicle, National Writers’ Festival, The Texas Book Festival and South by Southwest Interactive, among others.

Christen could be considered a book junkie. She has been inspired by and committed to the promotion of book publishing her whole career. This deep love of books, stories, and their connection to readers led her to create a versatile new bookstore in Charleston, South Carolina called the Itinerant Literate bookmobile. She and her co-owner spend weekends bringing the bookstore to the readers at local events. She is a graduate of the Denver Publishing Institute and holds a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and English Literature from Agnes Scott College, where she worked as a managing editor for the decade’s old Writers’ Festival and contest.

“I’m thrilled to bring my knowledge of publishing to the start-up world. I knew the moment I saw the prototype that this would be a great tool for writers, agents, and publishers.” said Thompson. “I’m excited to share it both with the writers eager for an entry into the traditional model of publishing and with agents and publishers who need good technology to support their efforts.”

Christen has already had a tremendous impact on the writer’s experience. The company has experienced a spike in growth as a result of her marketing initiatives.

Christen will work to expand AUTHORS’ reach to writers and to develop partnerships with publishers and adjacent industries, as well as expand and nurture the company’s editorial footprint and original material. You can reach her here.



AUTHORS, Inc. is an Austin-based technology company dedicated to making the process of discovering new manuscripts better for the writers who write them and easier for the agents and publishers who publish them. AUTHORS has created a breakthrough service that puts everyone on the same platform for better communication, discovery, and submissions.

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