Job position: Director of Publisher Accounts, NYC

Job position: Director of Publisher Accounts has the best publisher partners any company could ask for. As we’ve grown, I’ve realized the value of these relationships more and more. We get important feedback and suggestions from them along with tremendous support and encouragement.

Our partners reassure us that we are on the right track making a difference for writers, agents, and publishers. This is a gift that makes our 12-hour workdays worth it!

Because I value these relationships over and beyond the simple monetary exchange, I want to make sure that this is still a core component of our company.

To that end, I need someone in New York who can work closely with our agents and publishers. Yes, there is some sales work involved, but more importantly, there is an on-going relationship that balances the publishers needs/wishes/goals for their writers with our fast-growing service.

The Director of Publisher Accounts will work closely with me as my counterpart in publisher relations. I am looking for someone who lives and breathes NYC literary publishing to balance my living and breathing Austin technology.

Below is the official job description. Please send me a cover letter and link to your resume so we can talk more. Contact me here.

Job Description

An Austin-based startup is looking for an experienced agent or publisher with wide contacts in the literary, journalism and publishing worlds, to be based in New York City. is an online platform for queries, manuscript submissions and acquisitions discovery geared to simplify and accelerate the acquisitions process for agents and publishers.

The Director of Publisher Accounts will anchor and run our NYC office, acting both as brand salesperson and thoughtful support for our local agency and publisher clients. You’ll report to and work closely with the CEO.

This is the right job for you:

  • If you’ve wanted to try something new in publishing, take a risk, but just didn’t know how. (You’ll be joining an experienced team of entrepreneurs.)
  • You enjoy connecting people to projects
  • You are self-motivated, self-directed, and energized by leading new initiatives.
  • You are more about support than sales.

Basic Qualifications

  • NYC metro area
  • Experience in literary publishing industry
  • Deep understanding of book acquisitions
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Bachelor’sdegree


  • Growing client base of agents and publishers: From introductions and first contact to follow-up and sales calls
  • Oversee customer on-boarding and support
  • Provide feedback to product team about feature requirements and usage

We will consider part-time offers, but prefer that you take this on full time.

Thank you for your consideration and time. Here is to great work, great writers and best of all, great books.


Monica Landers