BookLife, Partner to Offer Technology-Rich Product for Writers

Intelligent Editorial Analysis Report Brings Data to the Writing Process


NEW YORK, AUSTIN—January 9, 2017— BookLife and have partnered to offer a discounted introductory price for AUTHORS’ brand new product, the Intelligent Editorial Analysis (IEA) Report. Powered by machine learning, the report compares individual manuscripts to commercial bestsellers across hundreds of literary, syntactical, and plot-based metrics.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of this launch and proud to introduce it to our members,” said Carl Pritzkat, President of BookLife. “Writers today are smart, savvy, and want to find the tools to help them help themselves. This report is a great way of doing that.”

The report will be offered at an introductory discounted rate of $49 and is available through The retail price will be $99.

“Writers nowdays have to be so adaptive to technology. It influences everything from how they share their creativity to whether they are discovered and able to achieve the reach they want,” says Monica Landers, AUTHORS CEO and co-founder. “Now that publishers have the ability to use technology to analyze books and scripts, writers are curious to know what a machine sees in their work.” has standardized the acquisitions process with the first connective network that puts writers, agents and publishers on the same platform and developed a predictive algorithm to evaluate a manuscript’s market viability. The software powering the report is based on this technology.

Launched in 2014, BookLife is dedicated to supporting indie authors. It gives writers access to parent company Publishers Weekly’s deep knowledge of the industry and access to an “understanding of the tools and professional standards that contribute to success.”

“AUTHORS’ mission to modernize acquisitions through technology in order to give writers and industry veterans alike the best tools possible works well with BookLife’s mission,” said Pritzkat. “We are thrilled to be partnering with such a dynamic, forward-thinking company and are hopeful about the advancements this technology could bring to the industry as a whole.”

Full details on the report including sample reports, FAQs, and order form can be found here.

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