Querying and Authors.me. Finding Success in the Manuscript Submission Process.

First of all, when I was shopping Girlish, I went with the “wallpaper the internet with queries” technique. I queried editors and agents and entered emerging writers’ contests—I tried to put my manuscript in front of as many people as humanly possible. One agent I really liked only took submissions through something called authors.me, so I checked it out.

Authors.me is basically a dating service for agents, editors, and writers, and although the dream agent didn’t take me, it is the place where I connected with Skyhorse Publishing.

Here’s how it works:

First off, its’ completely free for writers. You upload all the pieces of your project: bio, hook, synopsis, outline, first 30 pages, and complete manuscript…

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IBPA Recommends AUTHORS.me as Publishers’ Workflow Solution

In their September issue, the Independent Book Publishers’ Association published an article on great workflow solutions available to the publishing industry. IBPA’s Deb Vanasse interviewed many publishers, including three AUTHORS.me customers (Amberjack Publishing, Familius, and Zimbell House, who began using AUTHORS.me to supplement the tools mentioned in the article since press time). In the article, entitled “Workflow Solutions: Software to the Rescue!” publishers can learn about many different project management, automation, and collaboration tools available at affordable prices and that are easy to use.

Of AUTHORS.me, Dana Anderson, Publisher at Amberjack described how she uses our submissions platform in conjunction with other tools like Basecamp:

“Anderson uses Authors.me to handle submissions, crediting the program with helping her Amberjack team locate high-quality manuscripts while reducing inbox clutter. “Authors.me is cost-effective, especially for the analytics feature, as we can make more data-driven decisions,” she notes.

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IBPA on AUTHORS.me: ‘Finding Real Creativity with Artificial Intelligence’

AUTHORS.me is a technology platform that uses data from bestselling books to evaluate content and connect writers with publishers.

If you’re like me, when you hear the phrase “intelligent machine learning,” you feel the opposite of intelligent. Maybe you picture a robot, but then you move on. It’s definitely not a traditional publishing term. So when I heard about AUTHORS.me, a platform created to modernize the acquisition process in the publishing industry through the use of intelligent machine learning, I thought: “OK, what is it? And, more importantly, does it work?”

Creating a Baseline

Intelligent machine learning is when a computer learns without being explicitly programmed. You might remember Watson, the computer that defeated two human contestants on Jeopardy!Watson was an example of machine learning. Instead of responding to 1980s baseball trivia in the form of a question, AUTHORS.me uses machine learning to parse out insights in creative work in order to identify the appeal of that work.

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Disruptor Daily: How AI Can Invigorate Publishing

by Monica Landers, CEO Authors, Inc. Disrupt Daily  August 10, 2017

So many books, movies, TV series, and multimedia adaptations published by so many studios, publishing houses, and individuals: there have never been so many stories to tell. The pipeline is full; inboxes are overflowing. And audiences are clamoring for … well, what are they, in fact, clamoring for? That’s what publishers and studios need to know … more

Book Business Magazine: Nimble & Efficient: How LSC Communications Is Modernizing the Book Industry Supply Chain

Book Business Magazine  Aug 9, 2017

There will never be a day when the words on the pages of a book aren’t the most important part of a book publisher’s work. Yet due to the ubiquity of content and high competition for consumer attention, today more than ever publishers need to be savvy about how they get their books into the hands of consumers and the technology that supports these efforts. To keep pace in an age of accelerated commerce, … more

Austin Business Journal: Austin AI startup thinks it can predict the next bestseller — with backing from Chicago print media giant

by Austin Business Journal  July 25, 2017
An Austin artificial intelligence company says it has an algorithm that can pinpoint the next bestseller. Now it’s partnering with an industry giant to get that technology into the hands of publishers across the nation. In an exclusive interview with ABJ, a company co-founder explains how the deal came together.… more

Poseiden’s Scribe: Best-Seller Foreteller?

by Poseiden’s Scribe  July 2, 2017
What if a soothsayer could tell you if your manuscript would become a best-seller? If you were a publisher, you’d hire that soothsayer, right?

Throughout the history of the publishing industry, editors and publishers had to make buy-or-reject decisions based on experience and gut feel.

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Disruptor Daily: Top 10 AI Companies To Watch in the Publishing Industry

by Cas Proffitt, DisruptorDaily.com May 23, 2017
The publishing world has been turned upside down in recent decades by things like blogging, self-publishing, and Kindle. In fact, 70% of book sales were digital in 2017. Of course, you already know the impact of blogs on the proliferation of information–after all, you are here, not reading a physical paper. But media isn’t done changing yet. Artificial intelligence is making strides in the world of publishing and content delivery. It strives to offer insight to authors and readers alike so that content is … more