The Bookseller: Could AUTHORS’s AI-driven platform herald the end of the slush pile?

by Molly Flatt, May 12, 2017 offers artificial intelligence-powered software for the entertainment industry that streamlines workflows, amplifies development opportunities, and improves creative decision making. For studios and publishers, the AI predicts market fit, determines bestseller and box office hit potential, identifies target audiences and delivers marketing recommendations through keywords, metadata, comparable titles and audience psychographics. For writers, the AUTHORS cloud-based submissions … more

Built in Austin: 7 tech startups that saw major success after TechStars Austin

by Sam Dewey, Apr 21st, 2017
Techstars Austin first rolled onto the tech scene in 2013, and it’s been spinning out its fair share of innovative ideas and savvy startups ever since. As recent as this week, 10 additional startups joined the alumni group, topping off the Spring 2017 program with a demo day. The esteemed accelerator program has its motors up and running in cities across the world, but its Austin post is (unsurprisingly) near and dear to our hearts. In honor of its yearly accelerator cohorts, … more

BetaNews: New platform uses machine learning to find the next big thing in entertainment

by Ian Barker, BetaNews April 14, 2017
Anyone involved in writing books or TV and film scripts knows that whilst the entertainment and publishing sectors are constantly on the look out for the next blockbuster, nobody is quite sure what one actually looks like. A new AI platform called AUTHORS is looking to use machine learning technology to recognize critical insights in original, creative work, to identify its mass audience appeal… more

Booknet Canada: Beyond recommendation engines: Machine learning and artificial intelligence in publishing

Booknet Canada, February 24, 2017
A near 14-year veteran in the online retail and tech start-up side of book publishing, Cameron spent six years in global online physical retail fulfillment while working with Ingram, five years in the dragon tail days of Kobo helping direct their international expansion, one bittersweet year with Shelfie, and most recently two years at Booktrack helping build out their catalog in ebooks… more Named Finalist in AustinInno Tech Madness 2017

We’re thrilled to be a finalist in this year’s Tech Madness, especially considering the great companies we find our selves grouped with! On Feb. 1, they announced the 150 finalists and will reveal the 64 who are moving on to the semi finals on March 2.

The list and surrounding events celebrate the innovative start ups that are invigorating the Austin tech community today.

It’s in the spirit of growth that we put together Tech Madness. Tech Madness is a peer-driven competition in the spirit of NCAA basketball’s March Madness. It seeks to identify which companies the Austin startup community thinks will grow the most in the next five years. Community members vote their chosen companies onward through the bracket to reach a Final Four lineup and a champion. — Brent Wistrom, AustinInno

Read the full article and list of other finalists here.

Romance Junkies Features AUTHORS Romance Me First Place Winner

One of the prizes we are very excited about for the Romance Me Novel Writing Contest is brought to you by top Romance review blog, Romance Junkies. The folks at RJ are running the first chapter of Rachel Mannino’s first place winning novel, Time’s Firebird.  To read the first chapter, visit Romance Junkies. 

Rachel Mannino1st Place Winner – Time’s Firebird
Time-traveling anthropologist visits a 7th century village

Fiona Dale is a time-traveling anthropology student. As part of her doctoral research, she travels back to the 690s to study a Pict village. During her studies, a Viking convoy attacks the village. Terrified, Fiona tries to hide, but she’s caught the attention of the leader of this Viking raid, Jarl Vakr, and he takes her prisoner. Vakr decides that Fiona is his prize for becoming the first Jarl to sail across the western sea. Her fiery red-gold hair captivates him, as well as her skills with a sword, and her intelligence. He resolves to seduce Fiona into marrying him, even though he knows nothing about her. During the three-day voyage to Vikanes, Vakr’s family seat in Norway, Fiona proves herself a relentless advocate for the villagers. Fiona and Vakr find one language they have in common,Englisc. Once they arrive in Vikanes, Vakr takes Fiona to his home where he introduces her to his son, Edric, and the woman who taught him Englisc, Maida.

Where Writers Win: New Writer Tech? BookLife, Partner to Offer “Intelligent Editorial Analysis”

Where Writers Win, January 10, 2017
Here’s an interesting tidbit just in – BookLife and have partnered to offer a discounted introductory price for AUTHORS’ brand new product, the Intelligent Editorial Analysis (IEA) Report. Powered by machine learning, the report compares individual manuscripts to commercial bestsellers across hundreds of literary, syntactical, and plot-based metrics. … more