New Submission Platform Improves Publishers’ Ability to Manage Book Proposals

NEW SUBMISSION PLATFORM IMPROVES PUBLISHERS’ ABILITY TO MANAGE BOOK PROPOSALS promises to simplify and accelerate today’s proposal and acquisition landscape

AUSTIN, TX– Sept. 18, 2015 – This month, technology startup Authors, Inc. announces a preview release of their platform to literary agents and publishers. is an online platform for queries, manuscript submissions and acquisitions discovery geared to benefit writers, agents, and publishers in equal measure.

Through modern technology, the company aims to aid the publishing world’s nuanced challenges faced during discovery, acquisition and content management. “We spoke with a lot of folks in the industry who expressed uniform frustration with the current methods for submissions and acquisitions management. We saw a problem that could be helped, if not solved, by coupling intelligent analytical engineering with experience still best supplied by human input,” said founder and CEO, Monica Landers.

The online platform manages submissions through custom publisher and agent query forms to create an efficient, creative and collaborative acquisitions process. Through their 61-point “smart match,” agents and publishers receive and manage only submissions based on their specific criteria.

“We’ve tried multiple submissions solutions with varying degrees of results,” said Zara Kramer, founder and publisher of Pandamoon Publishing. “But from the moment we started using it became clear that this was the solution we’ve been searching for all along. It immediately let my editors and me get into the substance of the submission so much more quickly than the traditional query.”

Writers are guided through the construction of media-rich query submissions covering everything from the writer’s platform and experience to a project’s hook and market. The professional, consistent, and comprehensive results reduce the burden on agents and publishers already overwhelmed with submissions, author conversations and promotions.

“Because the information is presented in a clear and concise manner, it allows us to get our response to the writer more quickly. It really is a beautiful representation of the author’s work,” said Kramer.

Over the past few months, several publishers and hundreds of authors have signed up and been successfully matched either through the direct-to-publisher submission or through the beta version of AUTHORS matching system, Discovery.

Writers are equally enthusiastic about the platform. “I have received numerous emails from happy writers that has helped, and they can’t stop singing its praises,” said Francesca Lampert, publisher at Little Pickle Press. “I think that AUTHORS is set to become more than just a technology tool for publishers. I see it becoming a strong community.”

Over the Labor Day weekend, impressed crowds at the Decatur Book Festival and expects similar success in October in their “backyard” at the Texas Book Festival in Austin. Before the official launch, AUTHORS will be offering discounts for early-adopter writers and publishers.



AUTHORS, Inc. is an Austin technology company dedicated to making the process of discovering new manuscripts better for the writers who write them and for the agents and publishers who publish them. AUTHORS has created a breakthrough service that puts everyone on the same platform for better communication, discovery and submissions management.