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Our Contest Winners
The Girls From A Different Playground
by Karlin Gray

Celebrating the power of sisterhood, SERENA AND HER SISTERS: THE GIRLS FROM A DIFFERENT PLAYGROUND shares the struggles and successes of Serena and Venus from their early days in Compton, California, to their first Grand Slam victories. Including all five sisters, my picture-book story illustrates how a family—one that stood out in the tennis world—played, worked, and triumphed together.

by Jennifer Kaplan

Emil Rosen and Friedrich Weber couldn’t have less in common, but in the summer of 1938, they must both deal with changes steamrolling through Hannover, Germany. Friedrich struggles with a cruel new Jungvolk leader and an uncle in jail while Emil does his best to avoid an anti-Semitic fog that seeped into every cranny of his life. As the rules of yesterday no longer make sense, they both find comfort at a private spot along the Leine River. Friedrich seeks order and logic and Emil can’t keep from getting into one mishap after another, so when they meet at the river by chance, things don’t go well. Then in the late hours of November 9th, the world unravels and nightmares leak onto the streets. They each must push past the person they thought they were because neither is certain they’ll survive what comes next.

by Jennifer Hawes

Adventurous twelve-year-old PIPER MCHENRY and her family move into the haunted historic district of Pensacola, Florida. The only kid in the neighborhood is JACK NASH, who is wearing a back brace and grounded. So much for adventure. Jack is also haunted. When the president of the Neighborhood Watch Program, FRANKLIN GRAVES, dies, he returns as a ghost to torment Jack by singing karaoke until dawn. In order to get some sleep—and sanity—Jack must find out who killed the ghost, who communicates via sticky notes.

A Special Thank You to Our Judges
Judge Roseanne Wells
Roseanne Wells
Jennifer De Chiara Literary
Judge Rana Diorino
Rana DiOrio
Little Pickle Press
Judge Orienstein
Amaryah Orenstein
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Judge Comacho
Linda Camacho
Prospect Literary
Prizes Awarded
Diversity 1st place
  • $500 cash prize
  • Workshop – Publishing 101 from Latoya C. Smith, Literary Consultant valued at $850
  • 1-Year subscription to AUTHORS Discovery, valued at $190
Diversity 2nd place
  • $250 cash prize
  • Professional Read from Latoya C. Smith, Literary Consultant valued at $200
  • 1-Year subscription to AUTHORS Discovery, valued at $190
Diversity 3rd place
  • $100 cash prize
  • 1-Year subscription to AUTHORS Discovery, valued at $190
Our Gracious Partner

Latoya C. Smith started her editorial career as an administrative assistant to New York Times bestselling author, Teri Woods at Teri Woods Publishing, while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at Temple University. She graduated Cum Laude from Temple in August of 2005. She then attained a full-time position at Kensington Publishing in March of 2006. In October 2006, Latoya joined Grand Central Publishing, an imprint at Hachette Book Group. For the span of her eight years there, Latoya acquired a variety of titles from Hardcover fiction and non-fiction, to digital romance and erotica. She was featured in Publishers Weekly, USA Today as well as on various author, book conference, and book blogger websites. Latoya is also the winner of the 2012 RWA Golden Apple for Editor of the Year. In early 2014, she appeared on CSpan2 where she contributed to a panel discussing the state of book publishing. From August 2014 to February 2016, Latoya was Executive Editor at Samhain Publishing where she acquired short and long form romance and erotic fiction. Now, Latoya provides editorial and consultation services through her company, LCS Literary Services. She is also an agent with the L. Perkins agency.