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Behind every writer is a great editor, or so the saying goes. Well, to help give our writers every tool they need in their publishing journey, we’ve partnered with three editors to help writers who want an expert hand.

It’s easy to get started. Pick an editor you’d like to work with and submit your work through AUTHORS.me. There’s no commitment or strings—you make the connection and take it from there with the editor.

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Philippa Donovan

Philippa Donovan is the editor at Smart Quill. She established the consultancy to provide greater connection between writers and readers in 2011, and now recommends to a stable of 50 literary agents based in the US, Australia, and the UK. In 2014 she was named Publishing Rising Star and is Literary Consultant for Soho House West Hollywood, Los Angeles. She also won an Unsung Hero award in 2016 for her editorial work in the UK.


Pointer – available only to published and/or represented writers.

Price ranges from $660 – $950

Precis – a top line edit or copyedit.

Price ranges from $1,100 – $1,450

Classic – a structural report covering advanced categories of narrative analysis, using specific examples from your text.

Price ranges from $1,700 – $1,980

Premium – a complete structural report, covering the same categories as the Classic, using examples, and with detail as to market position and submission options.

Price ranges from $2,000 – $2,800

Word Mule Editing

Word Mule is a small but fierce team of publishing house veterans who specialize in tightening, trimming, and tweaking while maintaining author voice. We proofread and copy edit with an eye for word economy and clarity while sussing out and expanding the unique voice that lies within each writer. From developmental editing to page layout and cover design, the experienced Word Mule staff offers everything your book needs on its path toward publication.


The Mule gets in there and does everything it can to strengthen your manuscript, from sentence structure to characterization and plot. Fees vary from 2 cents to 2.75 cents per word and are based on the quality of the piece that needs editing, the projected time commitment, and whether you want a single editor or two (we strongly recommend having a couple Mules team up on your review). Turnaround time for developmental editing on a 90,000-word manuscript is slightly more than two weeks.

Don’t kid yourself. Even if you are a grammar hammer, you need a proofread. Let our fresh, trained Mule eyes give it a once over and save you from those embarrassing typos and little grammar mis-steps. We charge an average of $250 on a 90,000-word manuscript.

The Mule can make it look good, too—really good. Cover Design — $275 Page Layout — $200 – $300 (based on page count and specific design requirements)

Feeling a little stuck and just need someone to weigh in on your manuscript? Let a Mule (or two) have at it. We’ll let you know what you’re doing right and where we think you should be going with your work. You’ll leave your consultation with a concrete plan for moving forward and the Mule cheering you on. Fees are based on 90,000-word manuscripts. One Mule — $500 Two Mules — $750

Please note: If you are an AUTHORS member and logged into your account when you click CONNECT, it will open your project page and you’ll be connected to the editor.

Carolyn Cohagan

Carolyn offers consultation services for novelists and screenwriters. She has two published novels (“The Lost Children” and “Time Zero”), holds a Master Degree in Professional Writing from USC, and is the founder of the creative writing organization Girls With Pens. Carolyn can read your manuscript and talk to you about the overall structure of your work or write detailed notes on each chapter. Please see her website for client reviews.


Carolyn will read your book summary and discuss why agents may not be responding to your book. Topics include plot, character, voice and tone. $50/hr. for critique + $50/1-hour meeting

Carolyn reads the book chapter by chapter, making notes on plot, character, and dialogue. She then discusses the work in an hour long discussion with the writer. This is a great service for clients that respond well to deadlines and desire an ongoing coaching experience. $50/hr. for critique + $50/1-hour meeting

This is a full manuscript diagnostic. Carolyn will read your entire book and discuss it with you during a meeting of an hour or longer. The diagnostic will address overall structure, character arcs, tension, tone, and voice. $50/hr. for critique + $50/1-hour meeting

This is a full manuscript reading with written notes. Carolyn will read your entire book and makes notes on overall structure, character arcs, tension, tone, imagery, dialogue and voice. You will discuss the notes during a meeting of an hour (or longer depending on the client’s desire). $50/hr. for critique + $99/1-hour meeting

How It Works

Connecting to an editor is as simple as a click. All writers are welcomed. There is no charge to discuss your project with an editor until the two of you agree to work together.

If you have any questions, contact us at  yourfriends@authors.me