Data Science, Happy Scientists & Publishing: Writer Updates

You know, as opposed to “mad” scientists.¬†Did you ever ask how Google can be so wickedly accurate with their searches, sometimes populating the answer before you even finish typing the question? How about when you ask your phone a question and it gives you an answer? Well we have data science and the scientists who study it to thank for those and many other everyday applications, like image recognition, voice to text, price comparison websites, improved gaming, airline route planning, package delivery, and on and on. In truth, much of what we do today is impacted by the work of data scientists.

So what does this have to do with AUTHORS? Lots!

Over the past several months we have been hard at work building tools to analyze data, the text in manuscripts in particular. This is the heady work of data scientists. The more we understand the data (text) the better we will be at matching and recommending it to agents and publishers. We are hiring talented data scientists to work on our matching algorithms and much much more. Look at this little formula which can tell you the grade level of a book:

0.39 (total words / total sentences) + 11.8 (total syllables / total word) – 15.59

Really? Really. Data scientists examine massive amounts of data and outcomes to be able to predict what other data will do. Our guys at AUTHORS will be working on several things including making better matches and making recommendations to our partners and writers. This will make you the writer, agent, publisher happy with the outcomes.

When they are done with that, I am going to ask them to work on an algorithm that will help me predict how my fantasy baseball team will do.

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