Talking with ‘The Mourning Parade’ author Dawn Langley: an AUTHORS success story

Last  week, AUTHORS submission platform user Amberjack Publishing published The Mourning Parade by Dawn Langley, a book that Foreword Reviews remarked was “told with authority and fine craftsmanship,” that “leaves an impression that lasts beyond its final page.”

With pre-publication promotion at Book Expo America, The Mourning Parade is one of Amberjack’s premier 2017 titles and actually began its journey into their catalog on the AUTHORS platform. Written with gripping prose and heartrending, realistic characters whose drive will propel you through the lush landscape of this incisive novel, this is one book in 2017 you shouldn’t miss.

We are so excited to see the publication of The Mourning Parade and spoke with the author about her experience, process, and look behind the curtain.

Sparked both by her mother’s love for elephants and a trip to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, Langley took a year to complete the her first draft of Mourning Parade and continued to craft and edit for an additional eight months. Once she was satisfied, she queried more than 20 different agents.

A lot of them were interested, but no one bit,” said Langley. “So I decided to go after publishers myself. I have plenty of publishing experience, so simply needed to find someone with whom I could work.”

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Not long after, Langley sat in on a skype call a friend of hers was having with award-winning independent publisher, Amberjack Publishing, who was interested in acquiring the friend’s book. After hearing their pitch to her friend, she was set on submitting to them.

I liked what they stood for and pursued them myself. “

Amberjack referred her to the AUTHORS submission platform to review her manuscript and platform, which Langley thinks gave her an edge for presenting the best view of her work. “I was thrilled with how professional my query looked,” she added. “I had a great feeling about working with them. They are a small, independent press and three books they are publishing are interesting and diverse. I was thrilled that they wanted to talk to me about possibilities!”

After publishing 30 other books, I knew how the process worked and what to expect,” she said.  “So I wanted to have an active role in the process.” In Amberjack, this veteran published author found a true partner in the craft and prospect.

Amberjack encourages that, and the women there are smart, savvy and supportive,” said Langley. “It’s all gone incredibly smooth and I love having them in my corner. I’m hoping we have a long and fruitful relationship!”

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