Disruptor Daily: How AI Can Invigorate Publishing

by Monica Landers, CEO Authors, Inc. Disrupt Daily  August 10, 2017

So many books, movies, TV series, and multimedia adaptations published by so many studios, publishing houses, and individuals: there have never been so many stories to tell. The pipeline is full; inboxes are overflowing. And audiences are clamoring for … well, what are they, in fact, clamoring for? That’s what publishers and studios need to know … more

Disruptor Daily: Top 10 AI Companies To Watch in the Publishing Industry

by Cas Proffitt, DisruptorDaily.com May 23, 2017
The publishing world has been turned upside down in recent decades by things like blogging, self-publishing, and Kindle. In fact, 70% of book sales were digital in 2017. Of course, you already know the impact of blogs on the proliferation of information–after all, you are here, not reading a physical paper. But media isn’t done changing yet. Artificial intelligence is making strides in the world of publishing and content delivery. It strives to offer insight to authors and readers alike so that content is … more