Direct Matching Added to Submission Platform

Matches Made in (Publishing) Heaven

On September 15, AUTHORS released Matching, its most transformative update to its submissions platform since launching last year. The update shows writers who among the participating agents and publishers their work matches.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our writers at is ‘Who else can I submit to?. Our writers are eager to reach as many potential publishers as possible. And why not?” said David O’Brien, co-founder of David communicates directly with the writers using the AUTHORS platform on a regular basis and fields their concerns. “But the question could, and maybe should be, ‘who should I submit to?’” Matching is the answer to such concerns.

Since launching the service last year, the company has aimed to not just streamline the submissions process for writers, publishers, agents, but to help make it a more efficient and enjoyable experience. This updated is an extension of that goal.

“A lot of the time, when a writer–myself included–asks who else they can submit to, they’re really trying to figure out everyone they can possibly submit to,” said O’Brien. “It’s an understandable desire, given the effort they’ve put into their work. Unfortunately, that thought results in publishers and agents having to wade through submissions they’ve said they explicitly don’t want or are at best poorly targeted. This makes it even harder for those that are submitting to the relevant companies to get noticed.”

The matching system addresses this industry-side concern as well. Publishers and Agents outline exactly what kinds of projects they are willing to review from genre and minimum word count to target audience and author qualifications.

“We want our writers to connect with the right agent and publisher, not just anyone. There has been a lot of thought and tech put into our process,” said O’Brien.  “We have streamlined a century old process down to 3 steps.”

Those steps are: Build. Match. Submit.

1. Build
Writers build their profile and project using simple forms. These get stitched together into a media-rich submission.

On the other side, agents and publishers input their criteria of what they are looking for from a writer.

2. Match
Once the projects’ minimum fields are completed, the matching technology gets to work.

The system grabs the writer’s data and cross-references it with the agents’ and publishers’ requirements. The results are matches that satisfy both sides of the submission equation.

3. Submit
The last step is the Submitting Process. Writers are given the option of following through on the matches and submitting their work. We encourage them to research the agents and publishers we present to them before we release the submission.

Since launching the update, submissions are up and we are hearing back from a lot of happy writers. The upgrade results:

  • Gives writers many more choices to submit their manuscript
  • Streamlines the process
  • Assures the writer and agent/publisher a higher probability of success
  • Keeps the cost to the writer at zero

The second most frequently asked question we hear from our writers is, “Why didn’t someone think of this earlier?” We are happy there is no answer for that.

The Right Team. The Right Time.

Sometimes all it takes to calm your fears are a few words.

I couldn’t have done this without you,” someone says.

“This is a dream come true!”

I never even imagined something this good.”

These are just some of the messages we’ve received from writers and publishers since we introduced in a limited roll out a few months ago. When I spent sleepless nights worrying, “Are they really going to like this?” These phone calls and emails have sustained me through the months of building that can so often feel like an echo chamber of ideas.

We saw two sides of the book industry treating each other like adversaries and wanted to change that. We believe the solution is one which helps everyone. That seems almost too obvious, but up until now, it just hasn’t happened. Ultimately, there are not two opposite sides — writer versus agent–or–writer versus publisher–though it sometimes feels that way. Any solution that truly helps both sides is good for everyone, and that’s our goal for AUTHORS.

It takes all sorts of skills to create, launch, and run a successful company. Beyond skills and experience, there’s another crucial ingredient- and it’s this ingredient that ultimately makes or breaks a business. And that’s passion.

The passion that we have at is two-fold: a love of technology, and a love of stories. Tying this all together is a strong desire to help the people that create amazing books that we all enjoy.

When we first thought about this idea, we looked through the landscape of companies and support for writers, agents, and publishers. There is a lot of help available! Writers need that help, because finding an agent or publisher is a hurdle so high that few writers actually clear it.

But this helpful landscape is so often one-sided. We saw frameworks and training for writers and form-builders for agents and publishers. We found hundreds of blogs giving great advice and plenty of self-help books. But we wanted to approach this differently, and develop a panacea for the whole process, not just create another Advil or Band-Aid for one small part of it.

We believe in our company. With a team built of knowledgeable programmers, writers, publishers, marketers and more, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver on this promise. Together, we have a thorough knowledge of complex technology and matching algorithms, as well as a business sense of what writers, agents, and publishers need to take a manuscript to production.

Most of all, we have you, our users, who have been our biggest inspiration and encouragement.

And here we are—ready to step out into the world. So with excitement and a little trepidation, we launch our new site and welcome our first agent and publisher relationships.

Keep the emails and conversation going!