The Five Questions Every Writer Gets user and writer Vincent J. Sachar delivers his thoughts on the five questions every writers gets — and he gives answers


  1. Where do you get your ideas?

    I laughed aloud when Stephen King mentioned in his book On Writing that this is the one question that he and other writers never ask each other because “none of us know.” Simply stated, we often respond that our ideas come from life all around us. Truth is, I never get a complete idea. I get a seed, a “what if” that then germinates within my mind and begins to form a story.

  2. How do you deal with Writer’s Block?

    I heard writer’s block defined as “when your imaginary friends stop speaking to you.” There may be a lot of truth in that. One way in which I have responded, when I seem to be sluggish, is to skip ahead in my writing to a scene that I know I will include and let the connecting chapters flow when they are ready. Another approach is to have more than one project going concurrently.

  3. Have you ever based a book character on a person you actually know?

    Most of us would likely say we have never based a character upon a real person, but, let’s face it, we pick up personality characteristics, nuances, manners of speaking, and more from people all around us. We should ask readers which character in our books do they believe most resembles themselves.

  4. Do you outline your novels or just write as you go?

    People often wonder how we are able to write an entire novel with its storyline, plot diversions, and twists. Little do they know, we often finish writing something and ask the same question. Yes, some are “plotters” and some are “pantsers”, but all writers do end up looking at our own book with a certain amount of “Where did that come from?”

  5. What does it take to become a writer?

    An author can rattle off any number of characteristics ranging from a vivid imagination, a discipline, or a command of language. Truth is, a writer must write. It is amazing how many people I know have told me that they have always intended to write a book. We do not become writers by intending to become one, hoping to be one, planning to be one. Writers write—pure and simple.




Vince is an attorney with a passion for writing. He is an experienced public speaker and also speaks at book events, author panels, and more. Sachar also conducts radio and internet interviews. Vince and his wife, Gwen, also speak at high schools, colleges, and universities. For more:

AUTHORS Book Club: This is the Year You Write Your Novel

AUTHORS user and contributor Bill Oskinski gives a review of Walter Mosley’s craft writing book, This is the Year You Write Your Novel and a story about how it helped him finish his first nonfiction book, Ungodly, A True Story Of Unprecedented Evil.


For anyone who might feel overwhelmed starting their magnum opus, I most strongly recommend renowned author Walter Mosley’s insightful book, This Is Year You Write Your Novel. One of President Bill Clinton’s favorite authors, Mosley created the singular character Easy Rawlins in a thrilling and knowing series. Before attaining such success, Mosley, too, had to overcome the near-universal writer’s fear of the blank page. In a concise and highly practical guide, Mosley expounds on how to break through whatever mental or emotional inertia is blocking you from producing your book.

I will take the liberty of summing up Mosley’s message in one word: DISCIPLINE. He advocates writing every day for a set, manageable period of time. If you don’t waste your energy thinking about how much further you have to go, you’ll have a day’s (or an hour’s, or two hours’) work done. If you do that every day, you’ll be amazed at your progress. A page a day turns into 30 in a month and 360 in a year. Voila! You’ve got a first draft.

I can personally vouch for Mosley’s philosophy. I was a journalist for many years and I always wanted to write a book; but I thought the process would be too daunting. Several years ago, a university press asked me to write a non-fiction book on a story I’d covered for about five years: the bizarre and tragic saga of an African-American cult that transplanted itself from urban New York City to rural Georgia. The leader of the faction, a Brooklyn street kid named Dwight York, declared himself a god and for 35 years ran his cult under the noses of politicians, police, and educators. In Brooklyn, York was a phony Imam leading the Ansaru Allah Community; in Putnam County, he morphed into Dr. Malachi Z. York, Master Teacher of Tama-Re, a roadside Egyptian-flavored theme park and cult headquarters.

I was certain I needed a leave of absence to have the time to write the book, but my boss refused my leave request. Once my anger subsided, I decided to write the book no matter what. I started rising early enough to spend an hour or so writing before I went to work. On pleasant mornings—of which there are many in Atlanta—I wrote on my front porch, where I could savor the quiet and the scent of my camellias. I used my vacation time for research trips and interviews. Within a year, Ungodly, A True Story Of Unprecedented Evil was done. My editor was elated by the manuscript.

However, I was still far from home base. One of the central figures in the book is a former Governor of Georgia who actually took the cult leader’s side and actively tried to inhibit the local sheriff’s investigation. Racial politics at their worst. I did not realize that the politician was also a member of the university’s fundraising board. When he objected to the manuscript, the university press folks caved and I pulled the manuscript despite having no other publisher at the time. Fortunately, I found a small, regional press that was not beholden to the Governor, and Ungodly became a Barnes & Noble featured regional title.

The marketplace will tell you if you have the talent to become an author, but you must supply your own determination and discipline. When I was an engineering and physics major at Florida State University, I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Shaara’s creative writing classes. I’ll never forget his comment on the primary importance of writer’s discipline. He said he could not and would not teach us how to write, nor would he critique our writing. “All I can do,” he said, “is encourage you to sit down and write.”

Bill Osinski is a writer using the platform and a veteran journalist. He can be reached at  

Unblocking the Mind

Nothing frustrates the creative person more than the inability to create one single line, one small image or even a fragment of an idea when needed. Commonly called Writer’s Block, it should be called Writer’s Torture, Brain Snarl or Word Vacuum. Whether the infliction disables a person for a moment or incapacitates them for years, as it did for F. Scott Fitzgerald, it is something we all wrestle with. Or is it?

I personally don’t believe in Writer’s Block. I’m more of a believer in psychological repression triggered by latent thoughts of turbulent bouts with inner demons bent on the destruction of everything creative in my fantastical psyche, disabling my god complexes and my idea generating machine. It’s usually that or my pen is out of ink. What I mean by this nonsense is, I don’t give Writer’s Block it’s due. Then why do you italicize it, David?

Too many writers romanticize Writer’s Block as if it gives them credibility or appeal. I get it. Writing is a very painful process to those of us who are honest about it. So, why not add to your artist’s emotional palette of pain the color of empty thought? Don’t. I’m here to help.

I am going to give you some unconventional ways to break the grip of blank pages. There will be no advice here like: walk away from the computer, do jumping jacks, eliminate distractions or write in the park. You’ve already tried those. I’m going for ‘different’. Therefore, if my ideas work for you, please send a self-address stamped envelope and $25 to – no, just kidding. If they work, great. If they don’t, blame the imaginary voices that stopped talking to you and got you into this predicament in the first place.

Step 1. Acceptance

First step to every problem is accepting you have a problem and, more importantly, accept that every problem has a solution (except some of the calculus problems I was given in high school). Writer’s Block is no different. Do we think we’ll never eat again when we get indigestion? Do we give up hope of ever getting home if we get lost on the streets of New York? (Speaking of that, why was Home Alone 2 subtitled Lost in New York? The streets are numbered for Pete’s sake.) Sh*t happens. Writer’s block happens. Deal with it as being real and move to Step 2.

 Step Two. Fill The Tank

Writing something new every day is difficult. When I published a cartoon strip and political cartoon simultaneously, I needed 8 publishable ideas a week, every week. Talk about pressure. The secret I discovered in avoiding the ‘blocks’ or dry periods was to produce more ideas than I needed. I keep numerous notebooks for ideas in my studio. Some for my novels and screenplays. Some for business ideas. Some for my fantasy baseball team. These notebooks are not labeled. Please, don’t get trapped in trying to catalog ideas. Waste of time. Capture every thought and jot them down, especially the ones that have nothing to do with your current project. Even if an idea comes to you when you’re on the john, write on toilet paper if you must, after all, it is paper. Be vigilant in this or resign yourself to miserable days of barrenness and single-purpose toilet paper.

 Part C. Enough With Being Original

You may vehemently disagree with me or spit in my face (only to wipe it off your computer screen), but original ideas are as rare as visitations from Mount Olympus. There are no original ideas, only new ways of presenting them. In truth, we are an amalgamation of other ideas and thoughts that have invaded our minds over our lifetime. So no matter how original you think your story is, I can find another one very similar given enough time. Was it Carl Jung who said there are only seven plot lines in all of writing? Gee, and I thought I came up with number eight today. I mention all this because we tend to freeze our brains trying to come up with an ‘original’ line or plot that has never been done. Trust me, it has. Just write and tweak it in the rewrites. Get words on the page. You can’t rewrite blank pages. I’d tell you to quote me on that, but I can guarantee someone else has said that before me.

 Step 4. Attack!

You have Writer’s Block? Write about it. Write about what it is doing to you. Turn it into a brain-eating monster under your desk threatening the lives of all the writers on the planet. Make it a villain and you the hero. Write badly. Write with your toes. Go mad if you must. Beat the crap out of it with your words. Duel until dawn with it. Trust me, you will win. It sure beats the heck out of head in hands and gnawed up pencils.

 Step 5. Miss Alaneous

If the aforementioned (or is that four mentioned?) ideas don’t work, then it’s time to pull out the stops by trying one or more of the following. Good luck.

Here are some great websites that aim to solve these problems. We grouped them into a category called “brainstorming” and another “getting started.”

Get a talking dog.

Dust off a genie bottle.

Take long walks to Jupiter.

Kidnap J. J. Abrams and bleed him dry for every idea he has.


Whatever you do, don’t give Writer’s Block a toothbrush and a place to sleep. Ignore it. Write about it. Fight it. Defeat it. Just don’t live with it.

Happy writing.



Writer Apps


Apps for the every day writer

Technology has changed our lives. It is no different with our writing. Not every application fits the needs or personality of every writer. It will take some investigation to see what works for you. Hopefully this list helps.

If there is an app that helps your writing that is not listed here, please contact us and let us know and we will add it.

Blogo Paid Easiest & fastest way to write, publish & manage blogs. Blogo is a Mac only application. OS X Mountain Lion or later is required.
Ghost Free Blogging and Publishing. Free. Open. Simple.

Contour Paid The award-winning, proven story development writing software that streamlines the process of turning your movie ideas from first glimmer to full outline available for iOS, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Wherever you go with your mobile device, your screenwriting ideas can come with you.
Dramatica Pro Paid The next chapter in story development. Dramatica helps plug plot holes, solidifies character interactions and helps complete your story. For Mac and Windows.
Master Storyteller Paid Every story can be improved by the skills of a Master Storyteller. Now you can develop those skills in yourself with Master Storyteller software. Over 100 interactive Story Cards present nearly a thousand tips, tricks, and insights through Exercises, Essays, and Story Development Templates
Master Writer Paid Aids creative writiers and songwriters. A comprehensive collection of descriptive words, phrases, rhymes, synonyms, alliterations and more. People, places and things that make up the world we live in. Tools to organize, access, review and edit songs and projects. Access word processing alongside the dictionaries and tools in MasterWriter.
Power Structure Paid Power Structure is story development and outlining software for Mac or Windows that turns all your random thoughts, ideas, and notes into a carefully structured story or script. Use it to create characters, outline your plot, structure your story by scene or chapter, and visually track each character’s journey through obstacles and conflict.
Story Weaver Paid Design Your Characters, Plot, Theme & Genre Step by Step! Here’s how… 200 Step by Step Interactive Story Cards. StoryWeaver is built around more than 200 Story Cards – each an interactive screen designed to help you develop a single dramatic element of your story
Write for Android Free In addition to all the usual features of a vector drawing application, Write provides a unique set of tools for editing and navigating handwritten documents. Write is Write is perfect for note-taking, brainstorming, and drawing. Write is available for Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Distraction Free
CreaWriter Free A Windows program designed to boost your productivity and creativity. Its full screen, minimalistic interface provides a distraction-free environment. Indulge yourself in a relaxed and calm atmosphere and achieve a whole new level of concentration! Inspired by OmmWriter, a Mac OS X only application, CreaWriter allows you to customize both background image and ambient sound. Donors have greater access to services.
FocusWriter Free FocusWriter is a lightweight, portable, and feature rich word processor with an emphasis on distraction-free writing. It utilizes a hide-away interface that you access by moving your mouse to the edges of the screen. Available for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X, and has been translated into many different languages.
IA Writer Pro Paid iA Writer effortlessly syncs your documents over iCloud and Dropbox. It is the quintessential writing machine for iOS, Mac, and Android.
Ommwriter Paid A tranquil, no-hassle writing experience. Ommwriter is a tool for writers that helps avoid distractions that often come with technology and the internet. It is a minimalist text editing tool that opens exclusively in full screen mode. Its primary aim is to reduce writing distractions, as well as give you a relaxing writing experience.
WriteMonkey Free Software for full screen distraction free creative writing. No whistles and bells, just empty screen, you and your words. WriteMonkey is light, fast, with an array of innovative tools under the hood and full Markdown support, it helps you write better.
WriteRoom (Mac) Paid WriteRoom, free download. WriteRoom 2.3.7: Distraction-free writing environment. It’s hard to even imagine the days when writing was restricted to either a pen. WriteRoom is for all those that hark back to the good old days and want a writing environment that¡s ultra-retro and free of distractions. The program’s novel design means that elements such as the Dock, Growler alerts and email pop-ups stay well hidden. Don’t come looking for fancy features though – WriteRoom is a bare-bones word processor that puts the importance of writing to the fore
ZenPen Free A minimalist writing zone where you can block out distractions.

Editorial (IOS) Paid Editorial. Powerful Markdown Editing and Workflow Automation for iOS. Editorial is a plain text editor for iPad and iPhone with powerful automation tools and saves or restores a backup of all Editorial workflows, snippets, bookmarks, and local documents as a zip file in Dropbox (this requires the Dropbox account to be linked).
Grammerly Paid Strengthen your writing with a personal grammar coach. Better Writing Made Easy. Grammarly makes you a better writer by finding and correcting up to 10× more mistakes than your word processor. K-12 and Higher Education Pricing; starting at $650.00 to $1,500.00 based on group size.
Hemingway Paid Proofreading tools are an easy way to help you see and fix potential problem areas in your writing. Recently, I discovered the Hemingway app, created by Adam and Ben Long. It’s a standalone program that costs $7 US, and you can download it to a PC or a Mac computer.
WriteSpace Free Write Space is a customizable full-screen text-editor that lives in your web-browser. It is designed to minimize the distractions that come between you and your writing. One advantage of Writespace is the built in spellcheck support (English, French, Spanish and German).

Getting Started
750 Words Free Created by Seattle entrepreneur Buster Benson, 750 Words is essentially a ‘brain dump’ for you to write — you guessed it — 750 words daily. Online and Private. Tracks your word count. Clean slate each month, point system and graph to track your activity, provides individual stats.
BlankPage Paid Writing is hard, BlankPage is here to help. Write every day, create an outline, edit & reorder, publish how you like.
Prompts Paid Build a better writing habit. Creative writing prompts on your iPhone or iPad, and is the only app that provides creative and intelligent prompt suggestions as you free write. Plus much more.
Word Keeper Alpha Free WordKeeperAlpha is a motivational tool that will let you set writing goals, create projects and track your word count. Writing is hard. Whether you’re writing a novel, a short story or a blog you need to keep on task or it’ll never get done. That’s what WordKeeperAlpha is all about: setting goals and keeping them.
WorkFlowy Free WorkFlowy is the world’s best tool for taking notes and making lists. An Android app made by lazy developers The web app is awesome, but android app is a bit limited. It is a to-do list app that’s been crossed with an outlining tool, creating a freestyle planner for those who want flexibility with simplicity.

Advanced Fiction Writing Paid Learn Randy Ingermarson’s methods via $100.00 Snowflake Pro Software. Plus, Strat Plng, $51; Fiction 101, $80; Writer’s Conf Survivial Guide, $15; Promote Writing by Speaking, $50.
Be A Better Writer Paid Pursue your creative writing with Pearl Luke; how to write better & get published. The Novel Immersion Program ($225/mo) guides individuals, or occasionally small group of writers, through a novel, from start to finish as they study lessons, write on a regular schedule, and receive valuable feedback. Read to Write Course; $295. Point of View Simplified Course; $395.
Blog Topic Generator Free Generate blog, post ideas, or play mad libs. Brainstorm articles, press releases, blogs & create ideas to attract more visitors to your website & get inquiries to your product.
Creative Writing Now Paid Creative writing courses, ideas, prompts, free online classes, guides to writing fiction, poetry, & drama.
WriterKata Free It helps improve the craftsmanship of your writing through simple, repetitive exercises (or katas). The kata cycle is a collection of random exercises divided into four stages: sentence, paragraph, sketch, and story. Upon completion of the kata cycle you will earn experience points and may begin another cycle.

Draftback Free Finds the hidden history of your Google doc epics. Since it is a Chrome extension, your Docs data never leaves your own computer, and, unless you explicitly publish an excerpt, the extension never communicates any sensitive data with any server—it just fetches it over a secure connection from Google.
Drafts Paid Drafts 4 by Agile Tortoise, where text starts on iOS. Quickly capture text and send it almost anywhere! Drafts can send email, messages, create reminders & events, post to Twitter, Facebook and so much more. Even create, append and prepend to files/notes in Dropbox, Evernote & Google Drive.
Evernote Paid Sync across phones and computers, access notes when you’re offline, add passcode lock on mobile apps, save emails into Evernote, search in Office docs & attachments, turn notes into presentations, annotate attached PDFs, scan and digitize business cards, view previous versions of notes. 18,000 companies use it.
Google Docs Free Create and edit web-based documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Store documents online and access them from any computer.
MindMap Paid The simple way to create mind maps online. Mind maps are a great way of organizing your thoughts. To encourage the use of mind mapping, Text 2 Mind Map has provided a free and simple mind mapping tool online since 2008.
OneNote Free Use OneNote Online (formerly OneNote Web App) to take notes online in a OneNote notebook that you can add to from anywhere and easily share with others. All Office 365 customers can view and lightly edit Office files using Office Online.
Quip Paid Quip is the productivity suite for the mobile generation. It combines chat, docs, task lists, and spreadsheets in one app — making collaboration fast and easy
Simplenote Free The simplest way to keep notes. Light, clean, and free. Simplenote is now available for iOS, Android, Mac, and the web. Download for iOS, Android, MAC, Kindle.
Trello Free Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps; upload files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. It keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details. It is the free, flexible, and visual way to organize anything with anyone. Drop the lengthy email threads, out-of-date spreadsheets, no-longer-so-sticky notes, and clunky software for managing your projects. Trello lets you see everything about your project in a single glance.
Write Paid A beautiful home for all your notes for Mac, iPhone, iPad with sharing options.ull screen writing allows you to concentrate on what matters most – Writing! Write supports unlimited custom URL based Actions. Full tag, passcode lock, customize, browse your entire Dropbox and edit any text file.
Write Track Paid Write Track allows you to keep track of your word count on all your writing projects. Fiction, essays, reports, master theses, Write Track helps keep you on …

Hootsuite Paid Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard. Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your outreach. 4 pay levels: Free Personal Use/Casual; Pro Social Media Power Users, $9.99/mo 30-day free trial; Small Business Media Prof. $69.00/mo; Business, Org., Agencies, Governments, custom pricing.
Ritetag Paid RiteTag provides you a set of tools to maximize your return on hashtags and their relations to allow you to ride the wave in the right moment. Win the battle for attention in social media.

Celtix Plus (online) Paid Create scripts, storyboards, scene layouts, breakdowns, schedules, budgets, and cast & crew reports for your production. 3,000,000+ people use Celtix.
Fade In Paid From formatting and editing to powerful organization and revision tools, find out just what makes Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software the best there is, and is a complete application for writing motion picture screenplays, including tools for outlining, organizing, and navigating, plus extensive screenplay formatting and robust tools for managing rewrites and revisions.
Final Draft Paid Automatically formats and paginates screenplays and teleplays to entertainment industry standards. The Industry’s #1 screenwriting software source for over 30 years. Now explore our iPad and iPhone apps.
Movie Magic Screenwriter Paid Version 6: Full-featured award-winning screenwriting software designed specifically for script writing. Formats movies, television, novels, stage plays and even comic book scripts. Collaborate with a writing partner over the internet using i-Partner or send PDF files.
Movie Outine Paid Get Writing In Minutes; Plan Story & Rewrites; Effortless Script Formatting; Manage Ideas & Notes; Develop Characters & Arcs; Color-Code Your Structure; For Novice & Professional Writers.
Screenwriting Pro Paid Screenwriting Pro is online screenplay formatting software for feature films, television and stage plays. Becaus it is web-based, you can access your script from any Internet-connected computer, anywhere in the world. Your work is always automatically backed-up and completely secure in your password-protected account.
Scripts Pro Paid Mobile Screenwriting On Tab. Scripts Pro, the number-one selling screenwriting app designed specifically for screenwriters to provide industry standard formatting and editing capabilities.
Slugline (Mac App) Paid Slugline is a simple, elegant Mac app for writing screenplays. It uses Fountain, a plain-text screenwriting format. No buttons, no settings. Just writing. It automatically formats your writing to precise industry standards. It’s everything you need to create a submission-quality screenplay, and nothing you don’t.

Story Wars Free Writing stories together. Plus, read a story, write the next chapter. Create your own story or continue on someone else’s. After two drafts have been added for a chapter, a countdown starts. This is the remaining time when other people can add new drafts for the chapter. When the countdown has reached to zero, a voting round will start, featuring all the drafts that had been added. All user-created content on Story Wars is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Watt Pad Free Read, write, and share stories on Wattpad app. Whatever you’re into, it’s all free on Wattpad: the world’s largest community for readers and writers. Join millions who love Wattpad – the world’s unlimited, ever growing library of FREE stories, books, e-books.
Write To Done Paid Writer’s chance to share & discuss articles, poems, blogs, or a script.  Gives ways to boost writing confidence & promote a book. Free Editorial Contests. Blog posts for professional critique; $47.00 for under 500 words, $97.00 for up to 1,500 words.
Writers Cafe Free Online writing community where writers can post work, get reviews, befriend other writers and more. Post your poetry, short stories, novels, scripts, and screenplays. Get reviews and advice from thousands of other writers. Enter hundreds of free writing contests. Join writing groups or start your own. Take and subscribe to free online writing courses. Search publishers, literary agents, and literary magazines.
Writers Network Free Free creative writing community since 2004, providing a place for writers & poets to share, get constructive feedback, & interact with other poets. Free Discussion forum bringing writers, editors, agents & publishers together to share experiences. Paid Online community dedicated to fosterine writing skills.  With membership anyone may read, write, create, & review works.  Free & paid options.

Tools & Resources
Every Writers Resource Free Site of literary markets, publishers, literary magazines, poetry, short stories, articles, & resources on writing.Every Writer is Richard Edwards. He holds degrees in Creative Writing, Journalism, and Education. He lives, teaches, writes, and edits EWR in Ohio. He is the owner/editor/developer of EWR.
Freelance Writing Free Helping freelance writers succeed since 1997; jobs, articles, tutorals, contests, and publishers.
Freelance Writing Gigs Free Latest job listings, resources, tips & tricks for writers, & latest writing-related articles from around the web. Purchased by Splashpress Media from Deb Ng, who spent five years developing one of the leading websites for freelance writers to learn, grow, and discuss issues, questions, and more.
Lets Write A Short Story Paid An Ebook on process of writing & publishing short stories; guides you through researching, writing, editing, & submitting to lit. magazines.
Make A Living Writing Free Practical help for hungry writers. 2014 was named to Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Websites for Writers. Subscribe, blog, read, get paid to post.
Rhymer’s Block Free In-line rhyming dictionary for hip hop & poetry lyrics. Rhymer’s Block is a unique app that allows you to quickly and easily capture your words of inspiration anywhere your life takes you. Rhymer’s Block – Rap / Poetry Writer and Rhyme Engine – Dictionary, Lyrics, Community, Slam, Notepad, Music, Poem, Bars, Genius.
The Write Life Free Helping writers create, connect & earn.  Daily blog of news & advice writers need now. One-stop shop, covering everything from fiction to productivity to promotion.
The Write Practice Free Kick-start your writing practice, plus practical tutorals, and publishing info. The Write Practice is where procrastination goes to die. Practicing creative writing fifteen minutes a day. This is the best writing workbook on the internet.
Winning Writers Free Best resources for poets & writers.  Free literary contests.
Write Kata iDroid S Write Free Convert Any File to a PDF – Word, Jpeg, Gif, Rtf – Free Download!
Writefull Paid An application for feedback on your writing. Select a piece of text in any writing tool (Microsoft Word to Gmail) & a small popover will appear above your selected text. This popover offers five options to assess & improve your selection with the use of Google Books database.
Writer Beware Paid Concerned with issues affecting professional authors, & problems/pitfalls facing aspiring writers.  Sponsored by SFWA, MWA, HWA, & ASJA, but efforts not limited to country, genre, or publication history. Memberships (see qualifications on site): Active $90.00/yr, Assoc. $80/yr, Affiliate $70.00/yr, Institutional $110.00/yr, Estate $80.00/yr, Family $130/yr for 2 + $60.00 each additional. Paid Home for literary arts in Washington D.C.; share literature, create, hold writing workshops, & events.
WriteRack Free Break from 140 character limit.  Tweetstorm like@pmarca. Directly copy and paste, autoformat, and more. WriteRack is a Fonebase Labs product and it has an Android app.
Writers Digest Paid First resource for writers; write better, get published, be creative.  Community forum, editor blogs, competitions, eduction, chaching, self-publishing, & publisher lists.
Writing Forward Paid A creative writing blog packed with tips and ideas that will inspire and inform your writing projects. You’ll find posts on grammar, good writing habits and practices, plus tons of writing prompts and exercises to keep your pen moving. Enables ways to improve your writing with ideas, prompts, resources, self-publishing & publishing tips. Get a quote for the following services for writers who are serious about their craft: Editorial Services, Blog Coaching, Writing Coach.
Liberio Free Simple eBook creation & publishing right from Google Drive.

Byword Paid Designed to make writing more enjoyable with Markdown. All the tools you need to write effectively, with keyboard shortcuts, word counters with live update, and more. SYNC all your documents, on all your devices. With iCloud and Dropbox. Also, export and publish to WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Scriptogram blogs and Evernote notebooks directly from Byword. Requires a one-time in-app purchase for each version (Mac and iOS).
Draft Paid Better writing software. Easy version control & collaboration for writers. When you share your document using Draft, any changes your collaborator makes are on their own copy of the document, and you get to accept or ignore each individual change they make. Publish easily to WordPress, Tumblr, Ghost, Svbtle, Blogger, Twitter, LinkedIn, Basecamp and even Mailchimp from inside Draft.
My Writing Spot Paid Provides a simple, uncluttered writing workspace. However, uncluttered doesn’t mean feature-poor. Whether you’re writing a novel or jotting down quick notes, all the essential features are there. Such as: Screenshot of My Writing Spot web app, Autosave, Word Count, Dictionary/Thesaurus lookup, Document Groups, Send to Email, Download to Computer.
Novel in 30 Paid Become a novelist on your iPad. Novel in 30 will help you achieve your goal of writing a novel. Not only does it provide a distraction-free writing environment, it offers encouragement along the way. And by holding you to a deadline, it might just give you the kick in the rear that you need to get that novel out of your head and onto the page. The dashboard provides a heads-up display for your writing project. All the essential information is available at a glance.
Pages Paid Pages for iOS, the last word in word processing. It is a powerful word processor that gives you everything you need to create documents that look beautiful. And read beautifully. It lets you work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices. And even work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Word.
Penflip Paid A social writing platform; write, collaborate, & publish.  Basic public share is free, subscriptions for higher functionality are $8, or $22 per month paid annually. Write better with a simple markdown editor, version control and easy collaboration tools, ambitious attempt to reinvent git for writing.
Power Writer Paid Word Processing software for creating writers with integrated Outlining, Story Development and Research Tools. It allows you to jump from outline to manuscript, from research to character development then back to your manuscript again all without ever losing a beat. Purchase download includes installation it on three computers at once. You get free technical support for life. And you get six hours of free bonus writing audio courses instantly.
Scrivener Paid Software for writers of all kinds. Outline. Edit. Storyboard. Write. Powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.
Storybase Paid Write novels, screenplays and more. Storybase 2.0 offers a more robust feature set and convenient offline. Quickly create customized Character Sets that contain the names of your characters. Achieve focused brainstorming by filtering the database with combinations of up to three Mindsets and three Thrust/Action values. View suggested Lead-ins and Lead-outs – and build your story both forward and backward. Easily export or paste the Situations from Storybase 2.0 into your favorite word processor, visual outliner or screenplay formatter.
Storybird Free Visual storytelling & poetry writing. Books you’ll always remember. Your words. Our art. Amazing stories. Simple tools help you build books in minutes. Let the art inspire and surprise you as you write. Readers will encourage you along the way. Write, share, publish.
Storyboard That Paid At the heart of Storyboard is our incredibly powerful, yet easy to use storyboard creator. Extensive image library, posable characters and scenes. Flexible layouts. Optional title and descriptions. 6 Layout Choices: Classic, T-Charts, Grids, Frayer Models, Spider Maps & Timelines. Intuitive and simple.
Storyist Paid A powerful writing environment for novelists and screenwriters. Do you have a story to tell? Unlike conventional word processors, Storyist helps you track your plot characters, and settings, and keeps all of your writing organized and accessible—so you can focus on telling your story.Storyist 3 for Mac – $59.00, requires OS X 10.9 Mavericks or OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Storyist 3 for Mac Upgrade – $29.00, if you are upgrading from Storyist 2.x.
Typewrite Free Real-time collaborative writing.Markdown Formatting. Style text as you type without taking your hands off the keyboard. Real-time Editing. Collaborate with others on documents in real-time. Write and edit together. Save versions of your work as you go. Compare and revert to previous versions at any time. Sync with Dropbox. Use your favourite text editors on your phone, tablet, or computer.
Ulysses Paid Ulysses lets you focus when you need to concentrate. It keeps all your texts neatly stuffed in its intuitive library. With a few clicks, it create beautiful documents from your manuscripts: PDFs, web pages, even iBooks-ready ePubs. Its simple, clutter-free interface, will turn work hours into fun time. And mere thoughts into powerful stories. If you love to write, and write a lot, Ulysses is made for your MAC, iPad, iPhone, iCloud.
Word Paid The familiar Word program lets you create, edit, and share work quickly and easily. Most people can open and work with a document in Word. Version 2013 ranges $79.99 to $109.99 in price.
Word for iPad Free Download Microsoft Word and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and … Word for iPad was among the App Store Best of 2014 in twelve countries!
WriteItNow Paid Write novels, generate characters, ideas, titles and names. Use our free add-ons to generate characters. Re-arrange chapters and scenes with the storyboard. Check who does what, where and when with the storyline editor. Use the thesaurus, spelling checker, readability checker and cliche finder. Runs on PCs Windows and Macs with OS X.
Writer’s Blocks Paid Software that makes you a faster, more effective writer. What if there was an easier way to keep track of what you were writing? Writer’s Blocks frees you from working in a constricted, linear way. When you write with a word processor, you end up constantly scrolling through page after page to see if what you have written is coherent. Writer’s Blocks gives you a truly visual way to view your written material.
Writeway Pro Paid Novel-writing software in Pro and Standard editions. Supports RTF, HTML, PDF, .doc and .docx file formats and exports for Kindle and Nook. Get the tools you need to take your story ideas from initial concept and characters through completed manuscript — all in one powerful, easy-to-use product!
yWriter Free yWriter is a powerful writing program which is free to download and use. It is a word processor which breaks your novel into chapters and scenes. Good alternative text editor for writers. When you’re trying to work on a novel or another type of large writing project, basic word editing programs just don’t cut it. It allows you to create separate folders for your individual projects. From there, you can take organization one step further and divide each project into separate chapters. Store notes about characters, locations, items and scenes. In addition, yWriter will keep a tally of the number of words you’ve written in your entire project, as well in separate chapters or scenes. Also, it offers a project wizard, and weekly checks.