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AUTHORS.me made it very easy for me to submit the manuscript for my second novel, Women Within. I was offered a publishing contract from a traditional publisher only nine days after submitting to them. I was thrilled! I’ll be back to use the platform again when my next novel is finished, sometime this spring.

Anne Parrish
Women Within

I felt lucky to find AUTHORS.me. The company really functions much as an agent would, exposing your work to publishers. The process is also far more efficient than sending out queries/excerpts and waiting for a response. I found a publisher for my novel Leaving Dreamland within a few months!

John Foley
Leaving Dreamland

AUTHORS.me was an enormous asset to me in my search for a publisher. The exposure for me and my book to the publishing world was phenomenal. I’m convinced that I would still be plugging along with little success. AUTHORS.me’s unique service transformed a frustrating process into a manageable and pleasant experience.

Ken Tasch
Business Brainfood

I submitted my manuscript via authors.me, and it was accepted by a publisher within days. I think authors.me is a great service, professionally crafted and managed. I recommend it to all aspiring authors.

Randolph Flint
Defenders of the Faithful

AUTHORS.me was instrumental in helping me find a publisher for my alternate history novel, Push Back Choson. Before contacting them, I submitted numerous individual queries with only rejections to show for it. As a new author, I needed help, and AUTHORS.me provided that help by linking me up with an appropriate publisher willing to read my work and who subsequently offered a contract. Because of my positive experience I have recommended the AUTHORS website to members of my local writing group who are looking for publishers.

Richard Brown
Push Back Choson

When I needed to find a new publisher for my novel series, I used AUTHORS.me to seamlessly introduce my work and background to a new publisher. It was effortless and helped me find a new publisher almost immediately.

Jeff Zwagerman
South of Sideways

Quite honestly, for the first time I feel hopeful about the matching up of agents and publishers, more in line with what it used to be when I first started.

Patricia Zerman
Twelve Guaranteed Ways To Stay Miserable, Or Not

AUTHORS.me’s layout was brilliant to work with – It made the nightmarish task of submitting an absolute dream. The end result is a professional neat portfolio, that can’t but help attract a publisher’s or agent’s eye, with the additional perk of being automatically matched up with compatible prospects, taking away the time consuming task of compiling lists. Thank you for your website – it really made a difference!

Samantha Alchin
A Wager of Wills

As a recently published writer, I can easily vouch for AUTHORS.me and their service. Their interface is user friendly and robust, providing an excellent query format. And they are passionate about bringing new titles to market, giving small publishers and new authors a chance to break into the market together! It was an incredibly rewarding and easy process, and I am thankful for the chance to have shared my work, through Authors.Me, with my publisher!

Aaron Lawler
The Marvelous Paracosm of Fitz
Faraday and the Shapers of the Id

My agent shopped my manuscript around for over a year, but it was AUTHORS.me that finally landed me a publishing contract.

Patricia Panahi
Veil of Walls

AUTHORS.me is without a doubt one of the most useful and informative sites for my writing and I. In particular, the customized editorial analysis was the greatest mechanism to allow me detailed and positive insight into my novel, revealing things even I didn’t know about it yet.

Moses Barraza
The Crooked Boy

I have had the most amazing journey with AUTHORS.me, from submitting my manuscript to the picking out of the publishers. They have been very supportive and introduced me to many publishers that have helped me get my first book published. I would recommend this to anyone just starting out. It’s been great.

Kathleen Shepherd
The Heart of the Matter

By posting my manuscript, Nobody’s Safe Here, on AUTHORS.me, it was picked up by a traditional publisher, Black Rose Writing, and the book was released on December 8, 2016. AUTHORS.me provided a safe place for me to get my books in front of agents and publishers and it didn’t just “sit” there–it led to publication! AUTHORS.me worked for me–and I’ll bet it will work for you.

Bill Percy
Nobody’s Safe Here

AUTHORS.me is a wonderful platform for writers. If you believe, they give you the opportunity to knock at doors which are willing to open. KNOCK HARD, KNOCK LOUD, they are in your corner. I wish getting my first 2 books had been as smooth.

Youlanda Brewster
The Sun Shines Brightest at Midnight

AUTHORS.me is a fantastic resource for any writer. It offers links to writing tips, news and trends from one organized, easy to navigate website. After making dozens of submissions directly to the big publishing houses and getting nowhere fast, I received a response from a boutique publishing house a few weeks after using authors.me. My coming-of-age novel, The Dorm, is set to be released in March of 2017! This is the site many writers have been waiting for.

Terri Weinmann
The Dorm