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Imagine you are pulling back on an archery bow as you aim your arrow at a target ninety meters away. Not an easy shot to hit the bullseye. The center ring looks so tiny from here. (Probably because it’s only 12.2 cm wide) Good luck.

One hundred arrows later….

An amateur is not likely to get a hit. But, should one spent arrow happen to land on the center ring, you have a good chance of winning. Wouldn’t it be nice if some Unseen Hand guided your arrow all the way to center target?

AUTHORS.me does just that. Well, not in archery, but in publishing. This week we released our new Submission Matching & Delivery System that further improves our connective publishing network. Continuing with our metaphor, our platform is the bow, your submission is the arrow and center target is the right agent or publisher to represent your work. Our technology is that Unseen Hand. So how do we affect the shot?

We are now using data analysis and matching algorithms to pair our writer’s manuscript with the best possible agent or publisher. We aim  your submission to the target, guided by what you have created and  what our partner agents and publishers are looking for.

Historically, writers used a hit and hope strategy, flinging all sorts of arrows at any target they could find, hoping one lands and gets their manuscript read. When you consider the thousands of publishing opportunities and the variables between each of those, you’d might think it could work. Well, just ask any agent or publisher who receives thousands of poorly targeted submissions or the millions of writers that never hear back if their arrow struck at all. Not a good or effective strategy.

AUTHORS.me’s new submission matching system takes away all the poorly spent arrows. If you don’t match one of our agents, we will not permit a submission to be sent to them. It would be like setting you up to fail. Instead, you create your project and we analyze and match it. We then show you all of your submission matches, then let you take the perfect shot with each one. It is more efficient and more likely to have the desired results.

In just a few short days we have  received very positive feedback from both sides of the equation. One of our writers, Gerry Cappa of County Antrim, Ireland, summed it up saying, “This is a brilliant innovation for authors and publishers/agents alike. It deserves to be well supported and, with a bit of luck, should become the industry standard.”

Time will tell how accurate we are and whether we become an industry standard. Time will also allow us to increase our accuracy, as the more data we analyze, the better we will become.

So, load up the bow. Take your shot. Let’s see what you hit.

David O'Brien

David is the Creative Director and co-founder of AUTHORS.me. With over 30 years of experience in television writing, cartooning, novel and screenwriting, David brings a creative flair to the AUTHORS team and a passion for everything writing.

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