Writer Updates: Growth, New Features & Looking Forward

We hope you enjoyed a nice long July 4th weekend; we know we did! The past few weeks have seen a stirring number of updates here at AUTHORS that reach all the way to the highest rungs of the publishing industry, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you.

Writer Growth

Writer signups have doubled over the past two months, and the number of projects uploaded for review and recommendation is also growing. This means good things for you. As we’ve grown, it’s become clear that the more writers we have, the more publishers and agents want to use our services to find you.

Our community thrives because of and thanks to you: so, help us keep up the buzz!  Like & share, tweet, ‘gram, email– shout from the rooftops if that’s your thing.  

Partner Growth

As our writer numbers grow, so do our agents and publishers. In May, we started with one Hachette imprint and now they’ve expanded to three others. We are focused on securing these relationships, but we know we’re doing a horrible job letting writers know how to submit to these new partners, and we know it’s something you want. We take your feedback to heart! We are working to fix this and provide a showcase of our top publisher and agent partners to you.

New Features & Pending Updates

  • We continue to refine the experience and will release an upgrade to the writer’s profile forms next week.
  • An exciting new addition to the interface is Top Picks. This feature recognizes contest winners and projects that are a perfect match for a particular partner with a “Top Pick” flag (see below) to call attention to the projects.
  • One of the things we have mentioned in the past is access to analytics about how publishers and agents are interacting with your work and further analytics about your work in general. You now get notifications on your dashboard when someone views your work and submission status when you directly submit. We are working to strengthen and deepen these capabilities and hope to deliver them within the year. We are growing quickly and thank you for your patience as we work to make this the best, most useful tool we can for you. As always, we welcome any thoughts or ideas about features you’d like to see.

Messaging & Outreach

Like we said, our community thrives because of the wonderful authors we have. So, we want to make sure we’re doing everything we can to support you in your writing journey and to interact with the industry today.

We’re gathering content from industry professionals on everything from editing and copyright to digital trends and book business economics. Additionally, we are accepting contributions from you, our writers. Your feedback on this content is most welcomed.  

If you would like to receive the list of suggested topics or to pitch an article yourself, email our Marketing Director and editorial calendar supervisor Christen Thompson at christen@authors.me. In the meantime, here is a recent blog from user/writer Sabrina Fedel on her thoughts using the news in her writing. Enjoy!

Update on Last Poll: Traditional vs. Hybrid Publishers

Thanks for responding to last month’s questionnaire, in which we asked if you would like to be able to submit to hybrid publishers and how you would like to pay for the service we supply, among other topics.

On Hybrids:

33% of you are interested in submitting to Hybrids.

66% would like a personalized page to share for marketing purposes

In response, we’ve added both of these to the roadmap and will keep you updated.

On the “how-should-we-make-revenue” question:

70% would prefer to pay for the site with a percentage of earnings from the book deal instead of a flat rate.

We are looking into how to best structure a standard, safe, thoughtful contract for the writer and publisher. Input welcome!

I will be continuing to send out updates and polls. Your help on the Writers Advisory Board makes us a better brand.  

Thank you! 

David O’Brien

Founder & Community Liason

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